We train weekly at Bolehill Park on a Tuesday evening at 6:30pm. Whether you have never picked up a frisbee or a regular player, please come along. The more the merrier.

Please join our Facebook Group to hear more about training or ask any questions. Everybody is welcome!

We are also looking to develop a woman’s team and are looking to start some woman’s training. Join the Steal woman’s facebook group for more information.

Our Training Goals

Good Habits

Please try your best to play how our coaches suggest. Nobody will mind if you mess up doing the right thing! That goes for gameplay as well as drills. We want to reinforce good technique at training so that when it comes to Tour we’re confident in each others’ decision making and execution. If something doesn’t quite work for you, let a captain know, but it may still be what’s best for the team.


Training sessions are more productive when we all support and push each other. There is a lot of experience in Steal and players are encouraged to share it! Feedback should emphasise what should, not shouldn’t, be done. The word that sticks when you hear “don’t drop” is drop. Make the focus positive: “Get your body behind that catch!” Sideline encouragement is hugely important.


We’re a competitive club but nobody is getting paid to play Ultimate. Some sessions might be wet, cold and physically tough but we hope they’ll all be fun! If you don’t understand something, please ask a coach or experienced player. If there is something that you don’t agree with, let us know privately. Feedback is always welcome and important to keep everyone enjoying Steal.

For more details, read our club constitution. We declare that Sheffield Steal adopts the UK Ultimate Safeguarding & Welfare Policy.